Osaka Sushi & Steak – Plano, TX

If you’re a huge Sushi or Chinese/Japanese food, I

highly recommend Osaka Sushi & Steak in Plano, TX. This is my first time visiting the restaurant. The atmosphere was calm and beautiful. The hostess were nice, the servers were also nice (very talkative and knew very good English) and even the cookers were nice. Not just that, they were funny as well. If I have to choose between Tokyo One and Osaka, I have to pick Osaka. HANDS DOWN! The best part is that it’s $5 cheaper and there were actual people in the bar room. Tokyo One bar room had NO ONE – EVER!

Osaka and Tokyo One had the same range amount of food, but I believe Osaka had a slight more choices and the display of the food were neater and organize. There you have it. If you live in Texas and you’ve been going to Tokyo One and had no idea what Osaka was. Now is your chance to explore your taste bud. You only live once. It’s good to try new things, or if you’re visiting/new to Texas than you need to visit Osaka as well. I have taken the time to take some photos of the building and some of the food that were in display today. I did not edit any of the pictures. So I’m sorry if it doesn’t look so well. I’m not much of a food editor (more of people).

5012 West Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093


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